Friday, January 21, 2011

From now until Wednsday

I am off to Isola 2000, then to Florence! My season of endless travels begin!
"Skiing" (I don't ski, or any form of winter sport since my first experience was rather traumatic), then off to do tai Chi and formulate a plan on how to see Florence in one day. Ouf!
It is unlikely that you'll hear back from me before Thursday, however, I will write about my grand adventures.
WIth the luck my class has, it should be interesting:
The week before vacation, our flutist got in not one, but TWO tram addicidents, the opera singer (luckily only) got tapped by a car, our altiste had a messy break up with her boyfriend. Stop. Fast forward to this week, after the plague of bad luck had meandered and spent a few weeks with someone else; French teacher breaks two ribs, three out of 10 of us are sick, and Math teacher took a nasty spill down the stairs and will only be back to school on the 27th because she broke her ankle. So grave was last Friday I don't dare include it in the list, but our english teacher lost her mom to cancer... We wrote her a huge bristol board card, and I made her a heart box, but nothing changes when one day you're saying I love you, and the next you're having to say goodbye.
I can't complain, or insinuate my luck is bad, no need to taunt the Fates. I realize that I am hugely lucky, and look forward to sharing with you all the things I'm looking forward to! 
Sidenote- I'm on an Amélie Poulain kick... If anyone is in the mood for piano atmosphere, it's excellent!
Virtue: Appreciation. Otherwise, you can have it all and nothing at all, or at least not until it's gone.
much love! 

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  1. Yeah! I'm so happy that you're back, but perhaps with the stuff that's been happening, you should just relax and not leave the house! love u, m