Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Beach Themed Post/ Italy!

Before I get down to the good stuff, I would like to take a moment to praise OPI: fabulous colours, adorable names, and the 4 second dry time means that I can do my nails and write my blog at the same time. 
To those who know me well, rest assured, I have not falling into the habits of manicures, I just needed a girl power boost before tackling my last week before ITALY! 
The week of the 5th is always fairly hard on me and my family. This year was my uncle Shanes 5th anniversary, and I was pretty out of it yesterday. A friend took me to a show where a few of our friends were dancing, so that distracted me, but I didn't really get much accomplished. 
Today wasn't particularly productive either in terms of scales practices, or children's lullabies transposed, and to be honest, I haven't touched my math or analysis homework yet... But I needed to take today for me.
I went to a comedy in the matinée, even though I had to get up before the rest of my household (possibly for the first time this year) to catch the bus in town. This week, I have to read Une vie by Maupassant, and was immensely proud of myself when I realized I could get off my bus and onto my tram, with my nose in the book without getting lost. For the first time, I arrived to my destination, on time, without asking for someone's help, and without getting lost. No mishaps. It was the start of a good day.
After I finished the movie, I followed my feet, and as usual, fell on my market place and the beach. My options were sitting on the Promenade in a resto, or splurging on massive amounts of fresh fruit and hitting the beach. It's impressive the difference in the beach since last week; there are tourists EVERYWHERE. 
And no, it doesn't feel off to address to them as tourists, in the third person. I do not feel like a tourist anymore, for the first time, I felt like I belonged where I spend two hours munching fresh clementines, carrots and a basket of raspberries and strawberries; the Baie des Anges felt right. 
I got off the tram, and almost walked into a couples guys. I was embarrased, because I was once again, with my nose in my book and wasn't paying attention, but if I was blushing then, I must have been tomato red when one straggled behind to stop me and tell me that I was "charmante". He proced to grin, bow, and run to catch his friends and the tram. I smiled for ages :) 
Made my way to the church perched on the port, and inspired by the tourists obsessive photo taking, saw the palms in the same magical light as the very first day I touched down. The scattered memories I have of places Mémère and Pépère took me to on our three days together are all coming together, like the puzzle pieces that build my town. 
It's little things that make you realize the time is passing... Not sure if anyone forgets my pixie cut, but my hair is starting to get wavy again, and hits my shoulders now. The two rings I wear everyday are starting to tarnish. 
Bus ride home ended up taking my breath away since I'm a sucker for cotton candy sunsets. 
I love knowing the moon is as beautiful wherever you are as it was for me  <3

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