Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Quick Hello Before Another Month Flies By

I am once again, back in Nice!
Mom, Juliette and her mom Sophia and I spend 10 days on a whirl wind tour of Italy; two days in Rome, two days in Venice with a stop over in Verona, followed by two days in Florence and finishing up with two days in Sorento before heading back to Roma to fly home.
Rome was stunning, I was rather entertained that they had stopped trying to build a metro because they kept stumbling on ancient ruins, and that the place where Cesear was stabbed has been transformed into a cat haven. The colosseum was, well, colossal, and it was only when the "stage" was explained to us that it clicked for me that this is where the Gladiators were. For whatever reason, I hadn't put them together in my mind!
Our stop over in Verona was quite literally to get off the bus, stroke Juliettes breast- hang on, I'll explain that before that gets more uncomfortable. See, a local got so sick of tourists coming and searching for Juliette's Balcony (Shakespear of course) that he decided to build one. A statue was erected of her, and for whatever reason, they say it's good luck to stroke her breast. My Juliette's humor ended in a theoretical impersonation of said builder-of-balcony man; "hey guys! Look what we can make the tourists do! *gwafgwafgwaf*"
(Very) Slowly but surely, we made our way up the length of Italy and before settling in to our modern hotel, took a serenaded gondola ride! What a contrast between the ancient canal city, a foreshadowing of a current day Atlantis should the Moses plan fail, and the area of my hotel! After a tour of the Murano factory, we spent the day on a quest for the prefect masks, which I hope to use this week at the end of the Carnavale in Nice :)
Florence was not at all the same as the last time I went, we saw David and aside from that, took a disastrous day trip to Pisa, and attended a very pricy sales pitch at a 'vera pelle' shop.
Sorento started with another tourism distaster of the beautiful Amalfi Coast... In a full fledged storm. The next day was brilliant though, the day was twiddled away, wandering the streets and munching on the best pizza of the trip.
Being prone to anything with more than two wheel sickness, another never ending bus ride back to Rome certainly didn't cut my trip highlight list, but making a bright pink miniature daisy chain was up there... Okay, maybe it wasn't quite incredible enough for that ;)
Perhaps a top 10 and pictures are in order?
Sleep comes first though, so sweet dreams!

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