Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm a robo-bee! (This is my lame-o pun at busy bee and "of the technology generation"... Blame my father)

And thank goodness for as much! If not me, super robo-bee, who would make you all roll your eyes in exasperation, and collect that indeed, your day will have been what it will have been, but it's so vastly improved by laughing at ones self? (Yes, I'm reading too much poetry, and no, six hours of sleep is not good for my health but hey, jazz with conquer all!) 
This is my well intended attempt at getting myself back on topic: Technology generation. 
My class depends almost entirely on Facebook for communication through our class group, be it news about strikes (yes, the reason behind the military in Paris), homework or just a sense of community, it’s essential. Where does one even begin about Skype? It allows me to communicate with my family and friends, see their smile, and unless the video lags (not an uncommon occurrence, but in all fairness, who’s complaining since it’s free?) watch as their laugh lines up with the glow of their faces. My tabs bar has my brothers hockey homepage so that I can follow their stats even though I can’t be at their games. My professional email, my personal email. A link to a song I adore, and a site called GivesMeHope that does just that. Youtube, and Google translate are at my service in one click. 
As for the France that you all see in the news: Yes. In Paris it’s verging on riots. Here in Nice, you can rest easy, the most danger I will have to survive is a headache from trying to focus on my teachers over the noise outside. There are “mobs” of protesters made up mostly of teens who are only too happy to skip class and make noise, even without knowing the specifics of the law they’re fighting to prevent a reform of. The strikes are a massive pain in the rear, since there are no busses, no cafeterias, and no tram, but I’m starting to get used to the havoc! Aside from that, the big scary ‘blocus’ (the earlier mentioned “mob” with aim of locking us in/out of my high school) has yet to amount to anything. 
School can be described in a less mathematic scheme than my pervious blog like so: 
An adorable teacher first thing monday morning who offers us lemon tea on cold mornings, and then has the near impossible job of managing all of the TMD kids to sing together. By the end of it, Dalila and I are usually warmed up for our lyrical lesson that follows. 
Each week is a new ailment post gym class, such as rolling an ankle, getting too cocky with one’s cartwheels and falling flat on one’s nose or doing a backwards roll (sounds easy but I’ve been drilling myself on them for three weeks now, and though I’m inept to say the least in the domaine of flexibility? Come on! Kids do them by accident when they’re little...) and today, uncovering the origin behind “seeing stars”. History of jazz is always comforting, and I take an inordinate amount of notes so I can use them in my courses! 
One of the courses that I find most interesting is my modern world course. We studied democracy, I was interested enough to want to understand! Now we’re onto studying trends in the global population, and the earths sustainability, and it’s great :D Physics still not so much. I made a Facebook group for my class to give everyone a place to keep each other up to date about the strikes, homework reminders, and just a place for us to be a class, and this week, as we see our teachers, I give them my email so that if they have reminders, or notices that need to get around, I post it. One teacher, not giving names, laughed and puffed themselves up, muttering about how Facebook is not a site for students and teachers to share, and that no, he won’t join the group. I was stifling too strong of a snicker to correct him before leaving. Then about thirty of us cluster around a Yamaha and sing Our Love Is Here To Stay. Three flights down, and my escort to choir awaits :)
Thursday is my fitness test... Survival of the fittest test, that is. My prépas students are an amazing way to start the morning. Their level is astonishing, not a word a lie! The teacher got me a copy of their study novel: Allen Ginsberg. Impressed? I am. I’ve used to dictionary for some of the words, and am halfway through the book, and only starting to settle into the rhythm of the words. I’m getting good grades in French... And my teacher marks me like the rest of the class. I’m thrilled! :) Sax lesson. And a double dose of harmony for me! 
The skits I write are acted out on friday mornings, where for two hours, I select three victims -I mean, classmates of course- and harass their accents. Survive math where the balance of nature has been restored and with the invasion of graphic calculators, the troops are falling. I finish my week with a concentrated dose of Spanish with a Spaniard who speaks at about three syllables per second. 
When we come back from our vacation (I leave Friday of this week, and get back in time for choir Wednesday of next) I’m hoping to join a MOA course and go to big band religiously. I’ll fit my quota of sleep in there some other time, when I’m not having the time of my life :)
There will be no blogs for sure until Tuesday, but from there on, they should be more frequent. 
On that note, I abandon you all for a few hours of sleep <3
ps- bzzzzz <3 Home is where the honey is! 

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