Thursday, October 14, 2010

An Operette résumé of the my week and the Dialogue of the Carmelites

For the first time, when I say this is going to be short, I mean it. I’m exhausted! The wall everyone always said I would hit, and that I swore I would giggle at? It hits hard.
A reflection on my week, only listing the things that make me gasp and ask how on earth I got there again, 
Monday: 6 am. Musical analysis. TMD choir. Vocal lessons. 
Tuesday: 6 am. Acrogym, soon to be replaced by running (this area of my personal hell lasts two hours). Round one of Physics (but who will win when the gloves come off? The students or the teacher?). Multiple chopped lessons with Pépère. Histoire du Jazz. 
Wednesday: 6 am. Histoire de la musique. Round two of Physics! Prowl the wild jungle of practice rooms to fill the three hours I have before Solfege. Buy a ham and butter sandwich with Rhett, who doesn’t let me walk to our choir alone since it gets dark now. 
Thursday: 6 am. English lessons with my university prep kids! :) I <3 them. Piano lessons with Pépère. Initiation of Harmony. Classical sax lesson. Harmony with Aurélien.
Friday: Writing letters to my brothers and scripts to english skits for my class. Onto the library to get through french novels. Spanish class. Big band.
Last night, I had a Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman moment. I went to the opera. A real, red velvet, crystal chandelier with 600 lights, gold gilt, angels on the ceiling, statues lining the boxes opera house! The best part? After getting as dolled up as the back of a moving car permits, I sat, in my little black dress, in one of those boxes. 
I’ll write more soon, but I have to get up in 7 hours.
Daddy would appreciate the clarification in the fact that my Pretty Woman moment excluded the whole prostitution thing... Just an after thought. :P

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