Saturday, October 2, 2010

The suite to High Point, Low Point, as tradition suggests.

Back home, when we did High Point, Low Point, at the supper table, we would go around, and say something that we loved about everyone sitting together too. So;
Momma: I love that you always know exactly what to say, but you never say things just because I need to hear them. I never doubt that you tell me the truth. When everything else confuses me, and has me thrown off my feet, I can find where I stand, watching you fuss over your tomato plants, and washing off lettuce in the kitchen while we blare Michael Bublé.
Daddy: I know I don't get to Skype with you everyday, but I want you to know that you pull off grey in your beard well. By the way? On the days I don't get a chance to Skype with you, I read my reminder to migrate. Thank you for worrying about me, and I took my time admitting it, but you were totally right back in February of my 7th grade year. You're the boy who will always love me most. 
Jules: I can honestly say that I miss you. It never occurred to me how much your hugs meant, but I'm hugging you everyday when I get home, twin. When I'm home, I promise, I'm going to make time to come to your hockey games. I know what you mean when you don't know what to say. I love you too.
Dom: I love that you're still a kid. The kids your age act like they're 20 and it strikes me as really stupid. I'll try not to complain about you making a lot of noise running around the house, or 'accidentally' hitting me with your water gun wars, since I'd take that any day over 10 years olds perching in circles, gossiping over their cell phones. Don't forget. Next summer, we do our list. I can't wait to see you in football gear. Send me pictures!
I love you guys so much. 
Sending I love yous out to you, if you care about me enough to read this, and shout out to my sisters; Ams, Mads, Jubie and Yana, to the lucky two who get to live with my crazy family; Pauli and Park, to my grandparents, both biological and honorary that mean more to me than I can say; Nanny, Pépé, Grammy, Grampy, Nana, my German grandparents, Danine and Al, Pépère and Mémère, to aunts and uncles who I'm not used to not seeing when they pop by; my Guardian Angel, Auntie Patty, Auntie Michelle, Parrain and Uncle Bubby, to their little munchkins who I didn't realize I was this close to; my little man, and my two princesses, and to an assortment of miscellaneous people that mean a lot to me; Marraine, SJA cast and staff, Puppy, Teddy, Cape Breton <3, people I didn't block, Etc! Oh. and I guess people can pet my rat on my behalf :P  
Sorry these blogs are so few and far in between... When I'm home, and not asleep, I'll try to write more frequently, even if they're short! 
Love always,

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  1. "La Suite" if french.....I don't think it translates that way! :)