Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mardi Quelconque

It's tuesday! What does that mean? Two very light bags;
- towel, one piece suit, the usual pool stuff + googles and wet cap
In France, swimming is a mandatory part of their gym class. I can do the crawl, but the "brass", which I had fondly nicknamed the froggy stroke, is pathetic! I'm sure that from an aerial perspective I look like a drowning inchworm!
- very, very uncharacteristically light school bag. We have two hours of straight physics afterwards. The class has finally settled down, and our teacher seems to breathe easier. I was actually surprised when the bell rang today, because it went by so quickly! I'm definitely more chemistry than physics, but hey, turns out studying electric currents isn't half bad either! I had a dip today, and realized I missed Bio class, which ended up making me smile... It means so much when you have teachers who really care about you, and love what they do.
In other news, my flight home is booked!
I leave in a little over a month for Athens with dad. Between now and then, I have my first lyrical performance of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and The Prayer in duo with my Dalila, and a saxophone concert/evaluation type thing! It's going to be a busy one, because second trimester is wrapping up in the next three weeks. I'm not stressed for the Conseil de Classe this time though, which is really, really pleasant.
Keeping Ayako and her home country close to heart, let's keep hoping for the best for Japan. Today was a rough one, they were hit at 6 O'clock their time by a scale 7 on the Richter. Nuclear disasters are rated on scales of 1 through 7, Tchernobyl being a 7; today, Fukushima has been rated a 6.
For anyone who was struggling to find current updates, I found this link.
It is so hard to read these things, but people need to know, we need to learn our lesson.
I'll leave you to read.

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