Saturday, March 12, 2011

This week I am grateful for...

my cousin Faithe who had her fourth birthday this week. She'll be going to school soon, but I'm still stuck at smiling she was able to come into this world.
my parents who have made my brothers and I so much more aware of the world, and as such, grateful for Ayako, the Japanese pharmacist who stayed with us for part of the summer. I will be very grateful when she replies and tells me that she in unharmed by the disasters from yesterday.
all the other exchange students we've had with us; Harry, who I hope to see this summer; Juliana, who I hope to see very, very soon; Mathieu, who I spent Toussaint with and who's family is lovely;
especially grateful for Paulina who is as sweet as she is beautiful and taking excellent care of my girl, who's family has made me know I'll be so much more than okay this trip; and for Park who makes me laugh with his Facebook wars, and who I can't wait to meet.
I am hugely grateful for a clean biopsy result for my auntie Michelle, and for her birthday (29 once again, says my uncle).
my wonderful friends here and the love I share with they and their families.
the verses "I have been to the queen Charlotte Islands" and "Come see, come see what I have to show you. The world is not dark, only your intent, take the darken clouds and release them from your sight."
the little moments that make me love being here and remember being home.
the faith my teachers have in me, and the dates for my first big stage solos.
the remarkable ability to overcome and to start again at the most unexpected times, I am grateful for forgiveness.
all the acceptance letters my friends are getting, and knowing that they'll find their way.
my host brother.
my best friend being loved, and loving, and knowing that every once in a while, the stereotypes of the world are wrong.
my time left here, which will be too short.
my summer at home; with family BBQs; thousands of prom pictures; my 17th birthday and Greta's 16th; the clouds on my ceiling; my grandparents and aunts/uncles/cousins that I'll see again soon; Tantallon which I know my heart; U2; Redstar and it's members; the atlantic ocean; my run route; my sheet music collection and piano; most of all, my brothers. I miss them, but I guess that's just proof that I love them.
my music, which I had best go get at!

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