Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bedrooms, and.... -oneweek-

Hello silly folk who are actually reading this!
Where to begin, where to begin.... Well, allow me to start by excusing any oddly placed Qs: they are As. Seemingly random Zs are Ws, and if you come across a word that is sorely lacking an M, chances are you're stuck with a comma because these are the beauties of a french keyboard.
I would like to take a moment to both praise this little laptop for putting up with me, and to empathize for the many more days that lie ahead of trying to jam my entire musical library, photo albums and music software onto it. Good little lappy top! ...Moving on...
Bedrooms. Manic as I am, for kicks, I just ripped apart the top level of my house! Jules bedroom got a full paint job! That sounds simple. That's funny. See, mom had decked his room out to look like something out of a magazine (please note that when you type that normally, for me it comes out as ,qgqwine ....). That room was a haven to 10 year old boys everywhere, but Jules is a tad bit over 10 now, so my final tally to undo my mothers masterpiece was:
two coats of primer on his roof
two coats of paint on his roof
one coat of primer on his walls (YAY!) ... But then the stripes that bounced around the room at funny angles needed a second layer ( I told you her paint job was amazing).
AND two coats of paint on his walls.
add in your taping time, your touch up time, your prepping room time, your cleaning out room time, your trying to pick paint chips time, your undoing everything I just listed time... Well, it equals not really having the heart to start all over for a second room.
Donghwans room was purple... A very girly purple, with a semi transparent white sponge effect on the walls, and a certain girls name in cursive in the closet. Yup. A bedroom belonging to my 12 year old self, synonymous to a bedroom unfit for a teenage boy. I taped, and planned how I thought the furniture should be rearranged, and my mother, being the angel she is, took over from there.
As per her work par? It looks beautiful :)
Speaking of synonyms, let's throw this one out there: Olivia's room: Disaster zone.
Tomorrow is going to be dedicated to cleaning it out, and "sprucing it up".
Is it an earthquake? Is it a sudden onset of shifts in the gravitational pull?
No! It's... It's... !
Just me. Shaking in my (cowboy) boots.
Well my friends. That's 14 CDs downloaded, which leaves me with about two bulk cases to go... Looks like you'll be hearing from me again sooner than later.
I bid you all good day.
Wish me luck, and if not luck, at least surviving cleaning my room tomorrow!

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