Tuesday, August 24, 2010


How did this happen? I have two days left in Germany!
Today, I was up at 7, and was panicked because I thought I had overslept. Talk about whiplash from the lazy teenage summer I knew once upon a few days ago!
Anyway, the day started with politics and economics, where I sat and uselessly wrote letters home, just like most classes here. Then english class hit me like a ton of rocks. Her teacher passively threw out to the class that no native speaker could pass the test they would be writing that day. I made an attempt at laughing it off casually, but he was having none of that. So, I wrote the test! It had 6 parts, one of which was entirely translation (french? can do. Spanish? shaky. German? Ich no speiken ze dutch.), and another was a request to make the following phrases passive. 
Passive. Does that mean past tense? or passive aggressive? I didn’t know either! I was highly confused, until I realized why I had no idea what that meant: I didn’t need to study english grammar because I know it naturally. Duh. No wonder no born speakers can pass! We’ve never trained in what he’s asking! GAH! Anyway, he should get a laugh out of correcting it, I'm sure I would be laughing at my attempts at my first language if I were him! :P 
After that we had art... I was very pleased with myself when I recognized a Marc. It’s the wolf one. I like it. We studied contrast, and started on some modern work. Mine was called “to Scale” and was inspired by an arpeggio on piano keys, and my recent knowledge that the whole world revolves around F not C.
Then Bio was cancelled! Again! Third time is the charm? I wouldn’t know, because I will not be at school tomorrow! No waking up at obscene hours of the morning! Youpi!
Tomorrow, I will go shopping and visit Pauli’s grandparents. Ooh! Plus, spoiled as I am, I get to visit a very handsome soul, with a great voice, and who has the best cardio I’ve ever seen! Yep. You guessed it! 
No! Not a German model! 
A Porsche! Much better? Ladies? No? Kay... 
By the time we got home from school, I un-vacuum sealed Sir Fluffington (the behemoth of a teddy bear Michael gave me for my birthday), and we packed some of Pauli’s sweaters, it was time to get ready for her daddy’s birthday party! Pauli and I were hostessing and serving kind of thing, which as some of you may know, is one of my favorite things ever! Fun!! Apparently, it’s evident that it’s one of my favorite things, and if I choose to move to Germany there is a lovely lady with a 21 year old son who would love to hire me to waitress at her restaurant. Who loves being me? :P
So. I have a confession. I had a habit of teasing my friends about my going away by telling them not to worry, that my surrogate would be great, and would do peoples nails, and carry a first aid kit! She was going to be great! And gorgeous!
Well, the latter of the two are true. Obviously. And though I doubt that she will carry a first aid kit, she’s far more apt to finger nail painting than I’ve ever been. And when she shops she actually tries things on, and buys things. She loves photoshoots, so you won’t have to miss those, and I could go on, but guys? She’s not my replacement in any way. Pauli is a really great friend, and you’re all going to be very lucky to have her for the time you do. She’s going to be some of your best friends, and I know you’re going to have great memories with her. She just happens to live in my bedroom.
Point is, I’m happy for you guys. You all lucked out. And I’m told Park is wonderful too!! You’re going to have a great year! 
I’m going to sleep.
Sweet dreams and good day!

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