Wednesday, August 25, 2010


If an alien were to come to earth, and we needed to teach them to eat, what would we teach?
This is what I have learned from living, and eating in Germany.
When cooking:
Choose good, fresh ingredients.
Cook enough for the people that are going to eat, not for leftovers: food doesn’t necessarily spoil quickly, but the taste wears off, and you’re liable to eat just to finish up.
When ordering: 
Order something that you think is delicious, and don’t think about the caloric value, or the fat content. 
If you have the option, get a smaller portion size! Chances are, if you’re out, you’re either going to be around and munching more anyways, and if you’re not going to be around, then you’ll be home soon. At home, have fruit, and healthy munchies waiting for you.
Next, general etiquette. 
Don’t deny yourself anything you enjoy! If you abide by the following, there’s no need.
First off, take smaller portions! No one is going to make remarks at you for taking seconds if your first was manageable. 
Keeping on the smaller topic, take smaller bites. Food tastes better when you don’t have to focus on chewing.
Take the time to eat more slowly. You really can feel when you’re full, and when you reach that point? Don’t keep going! If you take smaller portions, the leftovers from your meal don’t seem so wasteful if you can’t finish. 
Try exotic sauces on your favorite foods. If you know you like the base already, then you can decide if you actually like or dislike the sauce. 
Chew more. It’s better for your digestive track.
Treat yourself to using your good dishes every once in a while, for no good reason. I don’t have an explanation for that one, it’s just true.
Enjoy every bite. Savor the texture, and individual flavors.
Don’t load up your utensil after you take a bite, pause, and rest it on your plate for a minute first, and soak up some conversation.
Sit with the people you’re having dinner with, even after you’re finished. It stimulates great conversation! 
Help clear the table, and load and unload the dishwasher: It makes people smile, and even though they might not say it, it helps a lot. 
Eat luxurious foods, and you’ll find you’re eating less of it, because it’s so rich. 
Sidenote: I finally found out why the prince’s horses in fairy tales are always white!! There are abundances of white horses here! 
Today was lovely. Visited Pauli’s grandparents, and went shopping! As a thank you for helping serving last night, her mom picked up the top I’m wearing, and the skirt is from the same store: Zara. 
OOH. There’s not tax here! It’s built into the price on the tag!! 
I am genuinely happy here. Tomorrow is my last day, and then I am off for real. Blogs will be much fewer there, but I will keep everything up to date on my drastic faux-pas, life lessons, and the progress of my jazz lessons!
I bid you goodnight and/or good day! 

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