Monday, August 16, 2010

Packing, and....

At first, 50 pounds didn't sound like much.
But once mom and I had finished our preliminary packing, and we were still well under 22 kilos, I thought I was in good shape!
I was wrong.
The German Airline I'm flying with allows for one checking baggage of under 22 kilos (I'll get back to that...), one carry on, one purse and a personal item. So, I am embarking on a year long adventure, armed with the following:
Checking- haha... that's a good joke. I think I'm 10 pounds over already, and that's not including the giant teddy bear that hugs back who is being vacuum packed! In short, I am well over, and I'm sure I will literally and extensively pay for it.
Carry on- That would be Queen, my saxophone.
Purse- an over sized satchel... It will house heavy books, travel documents, and Gravenstien, my new Mac! (teehee... Mackintosh apples? Gravenstien apples? Get it? *cricketcricket*...... This would be why I blog, and am not doing comedy stints.... )
Personal item- my fakebook, which has yet to be completed... Its my copies of all my favorite sheet music, but it was one of the few things I was able to rescue from the way-too-heavy-to-lug-across-an-ocean-and-besides-it-will-weigh-down-your-bags category.
It is Monday.
Technically? It is Tuesday, but I am still not asleep, so I refuse to count this as another day gone by.
I'm sure adults and comrades alike will be able to sympathize, or at least reminisce to a time when you find yourself eating the same kind of cereal in your comfy chair in the morning, and suddenly, you're back in bed, listing off things you forgot to do, and will finish.... In the morning.
In order to keep myself sane, before I ease into my worry wart, workaholic last thoughts of the evening, I make myself go through my day in my head, and remind myself of all the things I did do, the people I did see, and when my eyelids don't feel like bags of sand, the things that made me smile. Coco Chanel said, nature gives you the face you have at 20: It's up to you to merit the face you have at 60.
6 things that get a credit for attributing to my (prayed for) crows feet today were:
1. Momma waking me up- I never think to thank her for it, but most kids parents aren't even home at 11, which is how late she let me sleep in this morning... Thanks Mom <3
2. Laughing on my way to the airport- usually, those drives are either very formal, or very sad... While heading out to get the closest person I've ever had to a sister, one of my honorary big sisters and I caught up.
3. The look of my best friends smile when she turned around and I was running at her for a hug- I surprised her by showing up... She had been gone for two weeks! Please note: Up until now? That's the longest we've ever been apart.
4. Actually. Just my best friends smile in general :) -  She's one of those people who is going to have crazy smile lines... I can't wait to watch them grow :) A shout-out to a few other smiles from today are my momma's, daddy's, and my not-so little brother's.
5. White Water Rafting- let me be the first to say that the water is far from white. For Moms birthday, our family (plus the pretty-much-daughter of course) went Tidal Bore Rafting! It. Is. SO. Much. FUN!! Go! seriously, it's great, so long as you don't mind washing the mud out of your hair for days :P
6. Date Night- With the usual suspects. I really don't have a sense of humor, but that was an honest to goodness funny movie. Another new comedy starring Steve Carrell that I actually laughed at, Dinner for Schmucks? Excellent!
I do believe I have sufficiently diverged from my intended topic for one night.
To recap: I am fore doomed at getting everything through the airport without pulling at least one muscle, as a society we need more sleep, and I like crows feet.
Stick around, it only gets stranger from here :)
Sweet Dreams!

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