Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bienvenue en Nice!

I promise I won't write in french :)
Well, I am beyond words. This entry will honestly be very short.
I spent a lovely morning with Mr Roux and Chris, they showed me the conservatory, and my high school. The conservatory is a very new, modern piece in Italian colours, while the Lycée? A veritable chateau.
Re-reading what I have written thus far, my lack of exclamation points may make me come across unenthused, but believe me, it's quite the opposite: Exclamation points come across as insufficient and shallow when you are in the state of bliss I am.
My family is beautiful. They really are very kind, very hospitable, and have very much patience with my improper female and male associations, and bizarre hand gestures while I search for my words. I am very comfortable, very happy, and am unpacking into my yellow room as we speak! Well... Actually that's twice a lie, since obviously, neither am I unpacking seen as I am typing, nor are we conversing, seen as you're reading this on the internet. Anyhooo.....
I feel like a princess. Their home is villa style, stunning decor, and two pianos! My host brother is more than the perfect gentleman, and I always seem to conveniently pass through doorways first. He's sweet! I think I will pass an excellent year :)
I am very tired though, and am going to attempt to persuade my alarm clock to work... That is,  if I can figure out what time it is...
Am I in a beautiful countryside?
Have I sampled 7 different cheeses in the past three days?
Do I have a sink in my bedroom?
Yes. And still somehow, being the luckiest girl in the world, one can still repel technology.
And somehow, I'm a little bit more than alright with that exchange :)
A bientôt!

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