Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 2

From top right to bottom left (excuse the bizarre layout, I was messing with photo options for your future entertainment :)     :
(Mr Roux, myself, Chris)- in the alps, in a village called Gourdon! It's one of the perfume and soap cities I described in the blog post. The photo is lopsided, because it was taken with a timer resting on a hundred year old rock wall.... :)
(myself, Chris, and nameless passerbys)- I think this one is on Grasse, but I might be lying. This is what most of the streets look like, the buildings are beautiful, and the signs are unique... The one above Chris' head happens to have my name on it. Good eyesight, Mr Roux! :P
(Chris, myself)- a plaza, very common, and an olive tree!! :)

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