Monday, September 20, 2010

finally updating this because I'm told people are concerned I've been kidnapped

Dear readers,
I am alive!! I promise!
Jamming out to Charlie Parker, and pondering, jaw agape, how on earth I'm going to be able to play one of his pieces.
Sorry that the letters in the title aren't capitalized; they don't in French, and I've been warned points have to be docked if I don't cut that habit. So I'm working on it.
Well, shall we try to go backwards? Ready for an expresso version of the past week that I've been slacking off my blog?
19th. Woke up at Adélie's. Had milk bread for breakfast: YUMM. Was dropped off at the Arlette Gruss Circus, currently preforming at the Acropolis in Nice, and sang with my choir in the circus' first ever sunday mass. Ate Italian pizza at the reception, because it's so close, that you can order delivery. Onto an incredible 5 course meal at another set of friends of the Ailhauds. Sang with their two daughters, and braided their hair. Smiled at the idea of spending a weekend with them and drowning in chick flicks, and drowning the girls in mini braids. Almost got carsick, because the roads here are worse than the ones on the ride up Smokey. Sardine pizza for supper. Cleaned my room. Remembered I had to do a music page. Didn't understand the music assignment. Did a french assignment instead. Crashed for sleep.
18th.  Woke up at Adélie's. Watched a movie and ate breakfast. Went horseback riding. I rode a smaller horse with a friends saddle, and rigging (yes, I know that's a sailing term, not at all equestrian, but I can't think of the right word). It was only when I switched horses for a while, that I realized the reason I had been failing so miserably was because the girl who's tack (found the word!!) I was using was a head shorter than I. Yipee! The farm is beautiful, uneven, old style, with about 25 horses, all gorgeous beasts. There are stray dogs around every corner, and the fig trees on the ridge of the river bear fruits half the size of my fist! By the time we got home, and had watched two more movies (my movie pick for the week is Yesterday's Children. It's wonderful. Rent it :) we were out cold.
17th. Up at 630 as always. Friday morning starts with two hours of English, so I sat and translated a biography of Charlie Parker in preparation for a presentation (purple penguins prepare to present. Please pass along that tongue twister to someone at the play?) I'm going to give to the university prep kids in two weeks or so. I give a brief biography, go over some pronunciation and spelling in music, and then I play for them. Hello screeching horror music! No, not a mock cue, my attempt at a jazz solo. Waited at the conservatory for Adélie, met the bass player who's family decided they couldn't host me because the spare bed was in his room. Fair enough judgement I'd say. Arrived at her beautiful house, with grape vines in the front yard.
16th. Up at 630. Classes; math went well. It's a medical miracle!! After 16 years, the left side of my brain has come out of it's coma! Science class, we were let out half hour early, and we're all fairly convinced it's because our teacher can't put up with us for two hour doses. Oops. Conservatory with Pépère! For hours. I have to say though, I think I'm starting to recognize his students, since they come to his class to ask questions when they know he's not teaching. He has the patience of a saint. <3 My harmony class at the Conservatory is HARD. Home. Movie with Aurélien :)
15th. ihatewednsdaysssss.... The theory that once you get over the Wednesday bump of your week is only too extreme in my case. We've left the house by 706 (yes, that specific minute), and Thierry and I got home from choir at around 11. LONG DAY. I don't know how you silly people with jobs manage it! :P In all fairness though, the choir is amazing :) I really enjoy singing with them :) I have to remember to pack my sheet music the night before when I pack my school bag though, because I don't go back to the house during the day. It's really strange to say bye to Isabelle as we're driving off to school and saying see you tomorrow! Insert conservatory work with Pépère anywhere there is a few hour gap.
14th. Ialsohatetuesdays... Just the morning though. Acrobatics. And not because it's juvenile like I thought. Because unfortunately, the program is fairly advanced. Day one we were having cartwheels critiqued. Yup. Cartwheels. After running around the schools courtyard 4 times (with the dancers, much to the glee of certain gendered students with open classroom doors), we went inside. And ran more. And I will never giggle at my brother every again when he complains about burpies. Ever. Running around, then having to drop to our stomach, and being eaten alive if we don't get up fast enough? Not nearly as bad as the ab workouts our drill sergeant- I meant gym teacher - doles out. I can honestly say that my legs hurt trying to put on yee ol' cowboy boots the next morning. In all fairness, my teacher is nice. She's patient with me and my lack of coordination, and flexibility, and athletic ability. Her sense of humor has a way of lightening any situation, like "you've never done a reversed tuck roll before? Where are you from?! ... Canada...." :P Conservatory. Homework, getting ahead by re writing a full page of math formulas. Turns out studying pays off after all!
And that's as far back as my goldfish memory serves.
Today, the cafeteria platter I indulged in contained a cheese pastry as an entrée, chicken in an alfresco sauce for a main course, fresh buns, strawberry yogurt, and a Nestle vanilla waffle cone. Can you say spoiled?
It's September 20th. That means that I have been away from home for one month today. My hands just froze there, because half of my heart wanted to say that I haven't even been in France for a month yet, and other half of me is freaking out, assuring me I'm not even done packing yet, how could I possibly have been gone a month? I have one month, and then a few weeks off. By then, I think I'll be used to the rhythm of things here, but for now, but my schedule still isn't set, my courses aren't official, I still forget some of my classmates names every once in a while. People's miniskirts and high heels, pomegranate trees, and the disorganization of certain organizations takes me off guard. Everyone is fairly nice, even thought in all honesty, I don't think many of them really understand what an incredible gift they have to be here, caught somewhere between the sun, the mountains and the ocean.
At home, when little kids say that we want to do music and acting when we grow up, it's expected that that dream wears off by the time we're 12. Here, they have a chance to manifest that dream, into a reality. In a world where paradise is the norm, they take it for granted. It makes me sad. It makes me value home, because I know I like it here so much since this is a vacation. This is a chapter, and excerpt of my life, that's going to help form who I will be. Where I'll go from here, I don't know. What I'll do, I'm not sure, and when, even less. But this is opening my eyes to a full hallway of unlocked doors. I don't know which one is the right one. That's a little scary.
But I like the structure of these generic frames, that lead to the end of my life. I like the structure, since without structure, there's nothing to rebel against, nothing to change, nothing to morph into something extraordinary. I'm realizing now more than ever that my life has that potential.
Some people write love stories, others run radio stations.
Some people ask younger students to jam sessions, and some people take on the incredible challenge or raising children, while others fly around a set of provinces making sure everything sets just right.
Some people build businesses from the ground up, and go to work in shiny glass buildings.
Some people smile every time they see eagles, or give their all to their hockey team and there are still more people who are still looking for something, searching to be found.
"If this is it? For me baby, then that's just fine. I'm not looking anymore. For what could make me happy baby? This is more than fine I'm not looking anymore."
Ever wondered what birds do between when they disappear over the horizon, seemingly forever?
I'll try to keep you better up to date.
Don't forget. Birds that migrate south always come back home to the north. Key word 'Home'.
I know this was long. Sorry. I'll be back soon. I promise.
Love always,

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  1. WOW!
    Ok, now I feel caught up.
    As always, you're writing is beautiful. The hallway analogy is haunting, yet beautiful.
    I went to Risser's Beach yesterday with fiends and it brought me solace to know you were at the other side of that wave................. that regardless of all those kilometres, boats and nautical beasts separating us, by baby was safe on the other side. Growing, learning, changing. And safe.