Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Nice

France is....
Fig trees with leaves and fruit alike tumbling from the branches; Pomegranate trees bursting into globes of bloom
Young men who open doors, and carry your saxophone; Young men who think it's weird to want to stop and call the number on a lost dog's collar
Fine wines; Insane amounts of Fanta juice
Little girls giddy with joy, spinning around in circles at the circus; The animals that prance around the circus ring, and bear the weight of the scars
Advanced programs that encourage the dreams of youth; The youth that don't recognize how much that means
European standards; Community specialties
to the right of Spain; to the left of Italy
The reason day planners have the hour divided into two sections; Two week breaks after every seven
Striking against a proposed raise in retirement age to 62; Where the age of majority is 16
Stereotyped for smokers and rightly so; Stereotyped for bread and cheese even more rightly so
Uber mini skirts and multi hundred dollar heels; vintage dresses and Miss Sixty shoes
Cimiez, Renault, Peugeot and a smattering of German and American imports; Where a Canadian import has an adorable accent
Mass amounts of paper work; A very gentle easing back into work schedule
26 degrees in the early evening; A people who shudder at the thought of 0 degrees
Jazz jams and guitar music wafting freely; operas and choir spectacles nightly
Swimming, running, volley ball and gymnastics in Gym; getting a workout walking to wherever you need to be
Eating Croq Messieus or quiche for supper; being offered the same maple syrup I use at home with my tea
Mountains; Oceans
Everything imaginable.
This place is incredible.
I am so lucky.
I won't be writing until sunday night, because Pépère and Mémère and I are leaving right after I finish school for Province. I'll write about the adventure as soon as I can. There will be photos! :)
All my love,

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  1. Like the pomegranate trees, bursting with globes of bloom, my heart bursts too, but with pride and happiness for you every time I read your blog. love momma