Friday, September 10, 2010

(Something) Very, very important (to me.)

A friend is part of a very important project, and he's looking for ways to get a message out.
This is his video, just click it.
And this is for those of you who have watched someone they loved waste away because of it, and form of it. Think of all the things you are to someone: mother, best friend, niece, daughter, wife, granddaughter, everything to someone. These women are all those things to someone else.
If you could save any of the people I listed above in your life, would you give 5 dollars to get it started?
If you don't want to risk the regret, go for it. If you think about it, the minimum donation is what you spend on a bag of popcorn at the movies... Without the pop.
Please donate. Please don't talk yourself out of it if you have the means because it involves credit card on the internet: most of you use them for other things. Why not use it to save lives?
Thats all. I'll get back to my life later.
Thank you so much.

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