Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I've been up at 6:30 am two days in a row... Had to write this before I fell asleep. [post time: 6 pm]

A weekend of dinner parties, one of those yesterdays that you thank goodness are called as much, and today. This is me catching up.
My family has dinners often, so three days in a row, we set the good table out, and welcomed neighbors, friends, and family. Maxime comes back home sometimes, and the eldest daughter is the only one I have yet to meet! They’re all uber sweet :) The eldest girl reminds me so much of her mom it’s crazy! Today, we were helping her move back into her place, with only minor issues, like misplacing all the screws to assemble the furniture delaying us.
That doesn’t even hold a candle to yesterday. By the time night fell, I was hiding in my room, far away from any potential black cats, and mirrors were all well hidden. Any extra bad luck will not do! Throughout the day, my host mothers back window of her car was smashed, Maximes bike got stolen, and after right before dinner, two massive wasps decided to invade the kitchen and try to eat my face. Maybe a trip to get an epipen is in order after all. Lucky for us, the Ailhaud men have a knack for massacring thumb sized wasps, Aurélien’s weapon of choice being his sandal and his fathers being a vacuum cleaner (it’s super effective! ... No. I did not just make a Pokemon reference, what are you talking about?) Moving on.
Yesterday was back to school for me, all yee Labor Day enjoying folk! I met Mr Debenedetto, my music teacher at the Lycée, who had a lot to do with getting me over here, bless him! He’s amazing! He has so much enthusiasm, and so much personality, and he recognized me by face, and I was quite pleased with the whole ordeal! Less pleased with math class, but I don’t really think it’s my teacher’s fault: I just hate math. I answered a question though!! I was really proud of myself :P In French class, I was caught off guard by the whole class standing up when a teacher walked in. It was strange to be the odd one for not knowing etiquette, since I’m used to being the weird one because of my etiquette! 
After school, I went to the conservatory with my Freddy :) I’m really, really behind in math, am working on really, really basic piano excercises to loosen my wrists and strengthen my fingers and coordination, and have really, really surprised myself by how many sax scales I can practice voluntarily after all. My host father picked me up after my tour/ Conservatory history lesson, and may I say, we rode in style. May I also say, that I looked the part: In skinny jeans and a black lace blouse, I looked the part of the biker chick. Mind you, most biker chicks errands stops aren’t the Opera house, nor the Junior High school where her host father works as far as I know.
But the show goes on, with a fresh comedy act I like to call today. 
First please observe: I finished my first bag of gummies that was all by myself! three cheers for Olivia! Hips, Hips, Huzzah! :P
The entire region is on strike. They’re fighting against the government that’s about to make them work for another two years, making the age of retirement 62. Staying on topic of the number two, I haven’t seen a pure blue sky in almost two whole days! The locals are getting the blues. I can sympathize. By midwinter when Canada hasn’t seen a blue sky in two months, I know the feeling! Having had a teacher on strike today and getting to chill around the Lycée Plaza for an hour and a half didn’t even cheer anybody up on this 26° day! 
My lady classmates are concerned about what I’m going to wear this winter, since I’m in jeans and boots now. They don’t realize that I wear jeans all the time and that they don’t have to worry! I brought my parka and dogsledding shoes with me! If I get really cold in their -5° weather come winter, I’ll just take out my picture of my pet polar bear and the sledding team and pretend I’m snuggling with them like I do when my igloo gets too cold! I am Canadian, therefore, it is a sin that I haven’t seen a polar bear, and have not been to Alaska *. Yes, these are veritable statement reports. You heard it here first folks: People actually think that Canadians are fur wearing, seal eating, ice-home building neanderthals. Oh wait. You didn’t hear it here first, I’m sorry, I’m not the best news reporter, in fact, I think I got to that line a few years after everyone else! Come one people. It’s hilarious when I think you’re teasing, it’s less funny when you get confused why I’m laughing. 
Speaking of laughing: Here is my gym schedule in it’s two month increments
Sector 1- Acrobatics (includes pyramids, and a basic cheer leading training....)
Sector 2- Running (NOT complaining, I’m gonna need the training to be suitable for what comes next....)
Sector 3- Swimming (one pieces or two are suitable. My dear school board, are you actually going to stick a couple dozen teenagers in a pool together for two hours at a time? Aha, you’re so smart, you thought of that and are making us wear the swimming caps and goggles too!) 
Sector 4- Volley (for a second there, I thought the teacher was going to add the word ball onto that one! Fiouf! That’s one of the sports that I have the highest tendencies to get pegged in the head in! ... What’s that you say? White balls and nets? Naturally...) 
If a parachutist jumps out of a plane, and is falling at the same speed as his camera man, who’s parallel shooting the whole thing, and the parachutist opens his, and the camera man doesn’t, just keeps filming, is the parachutist rising or slowing his descent? Isn’t that the whole Theory of Relativity? Welcome to Physics class everyone. 
Coming soon the Theater of the Absurd, Starring Olivia Daye: Tomorrow! 
Critiqued as “The latest and greatest of the action/chickflick/horror/superdrama/comedy genre.... Keeps you hanging-awwwing-wantingtoscream/and laughing at how very typical it is until the very end!” 
A bientot! 
*Alaska is a state, not a province.....

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