Friday, September 3, 2010

I think I can, I think I can!....

Maintain this blog!!
So, because I fail at time management, I did not write about my first day at school on my first day of school, however in my defense, it wasn’t really my first day. My first day will be monday. Sort of. It’s complicated, see, my LycĂ©e Massena courses start this monday coming, but my classes there only go from 8 to 12 every day. Confused? Starting the week after next, I have my Conservatory courses too, and those last all afternoon. That is my description on my education system for now since I don’t understand anything beyond that myself. Moving on.
Wednesday night, Thierry brought me along to his choir meeting! It was wonderful! The women in the soprano section (yeppers. Olivia is a soprano. Hide the good crystal everyone!) are super sweet, and I can’t wait to see them again next week :) We learned a Bach piece, it sounds amazing! Im not used to the bass voices too! 
But onto the thursday. “First day of school”. I drove in with Isabelle in the morning, we took the scenic route! This was of course after I slept through my alarm, didn’t have any makeup and thanked my lucky stars and girl guide leaders for the pack-your-bag-the-night-before mentality that saved my life when I threw myself out of bed that morning. Bowl of chocolate petals later, and we were en route! Got to town, parked, saw her clinic, and started walking to school. 
I love how simple that sounds. It looked it too! It’s one straight street, and one left turn, how hard can it be? Well, the streets aren’t marked the way I’m used to, and turns out it’s a really, really long street. My epic crusade to my beautiful high school was dotted with fresh fruit markets, shoe stores that I will inevitably return to frequent, and multiple patient souls who confirmed that indeed, to get to place Massena, you kept walking.
When they gathered the few hundred of us into the school square, and called my specific music class, I waited patiently, until the rest of my class was scurrying off with our french teacher, and my name was definitely not going to be called. Squeezing through that crowd was a party and a half, but when I caught up, and asked the teacher if indeed I was in the right place that my name was Olivia, she cut me off with Dorey. Sounded good to me. 
My class has 11 kids! Our teachers so far seem really nice! French, very strict, but with a really pleasant personality, and I think I saw a glimmer of a sense of humor shining through. Our math and science teacher really seems to get that our brains are arts oriented: We’ll be doing lots of experiments in physics and chem, and learning about things like sound waves, and space dimensions, that kind of thing. Laugh all you like, but I am genuinely sad that I don’t have bio!! I know you can’t see this, but I miss you already Wiseman!!
My friends so far? Dancers, and opera singers, and names I can barely pronounce, and much less am going to try to spell. My justification is that I forgot to tell them about the blog, and I refuse to write about them without consent. Ha. You will all have to patiently await Monday at which point I will have written down their names. I don’t mind cheating every once in a while. 
A lovely lady in my class, with a really cool name, and a great laugh helped me find where I could buy my lunch card, get my bus pass application stamped and make sure the lunch card worked :P My personal angel then got me onto the right bus, and left me to my own devices. This naturally is where things fell apart.
I got off at the wrong stop. Yay Olivia in a skirt and cowboys boots!! It’s not like you’re in the mountainside of a country you’ve been in for a week or anything. How far can the next stop be anyways? 
Far. Really far. And the stop after where the next bus passed you? A lot farther. 
We find our psychotic heroine walking along the rock wall in the winding hills of Nice. No Sainte-Marie. No, Tourettes. No, my friends, I live in the Tourettes-Levens which is a village over. I’m walking for about an hour when a man pulls up in front of me on a motorbike. Panic mode? Yes. When the guy in the tan biker suit pulled off the helmet? Hello host father! 
Never a dull moment! 
All my luggage has arrived with a massive amount gummy bears, and Kinder chocolate, an my Germany family spoils me rotten! Rots my teeth that is :P
I am happy. And exhausted. 
And I will talk to you all later, probably after tomorrow! :)

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