Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Much Belated Post

The Marvelous Mr Roux!
It would be easy to jump directly to present, and describe the beautiful place I’m staying, and the incredible people I’m staying with but first, I really must describe my weekend with the people who introduced me to this beautiful country.
Their apartment is old french style decor, with a giant grandfather clock that had all the insides hollowed out that I adored. The love seats, and sofas were done in a thick coat of patchwork quilts, and cat themed pillows. 
When I walked into my bedroom, there was a little package, nicely wrapped and in brown paper, and tied with ribbon. Later during the trip, they brought me up the mountain side, and showed me the shop where they made the soap bars that were contained by hand. The entire village was perfumed, so many were there boutiques! :)
This is the fourth time believe it or not that I have stopped and started this entry. It turns out that a blog is much harder to maintain that one would think. When I started this, I thought, oh, I’ll just pop on at night for 10 minutes or so, tell everyone about my day and stick up a picture!
Well, to catch up with a lot of missed important info, I am going to start with one picture from everyday I spend with the wonderful Mr Roux and the lovely Chris. 
But back to the tale of my stay in an adorable french apartment! 
In the mornings, I was serenaded by half hour of piano to wake me, followed by 15 minutes of a valve trombone (yes. They exists, and they’re pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!) when they realized that the expression sleeping like a rock is an understatement in my particular case. Next up was breakfast à la française! Fresh bread, toasted, buttered and jam covered along with a green tea. I had no idea I liked green tea before that stay, but I did enjoy it probably because it was sweetened with brown sugar cubes and creme: delicious!
Over the course of two days, our schedule was something along these lines: teach me jazz concepts until my brain was full ( :) ), go traveling the incredibly beautiful french countryside or city scape, drown me in ideas for welcome home gifts, and by the time I got the chance to blink, be back home for supper! Always outstanding cuisine by the Cordon Bleu Chris! Please note that I probably just made a minor fool of myself trying to compliment her... It’s a term I learned since my arrival with the Ailhauds, and I more than likely misspelled it. My intentions are good :P
The last night, we went for a walk after supper, and naturally ice cream (did you know that in french ice cubes and ice cream are called the same thing? I was pretty seriously confused!), we went for a walk along the boardwalk of Antibes. It was packed full of merchants, mostly selling tempting arrays of jewelry for poor accessory addicts like myself, Italian ice cream shops (this continent is addicted to ice cream, in case you didn’t notice), and everyone from seniors, to teenie boppers, to new mothers in high fashion. It was quite the spectacle! 
During my stay, I saw castles on the peak of hill tops, modern sculptures overlooking the turquoise waters, ancient villages who’s streets cars can’t pass through, billion dollar three automated masted ships, a village of artists, and aloe vera plants that look like they could be from a prehistoric era. I saw palm trees on every corner, and drove for 10 minutes to find myself on a winding cliffy road, bedazzled by sports cars, was mesmerized by floral patterns in cobblestones, was introduced to my modern conservatory and my ancient high school, and was, and am surrounded by my namesake olive trees. They are everywhere! 
My cowboy boots aren’t exactly high fashion here, and in the photos, people from my godmother to best friend will cringe and grind their teeth to see that I am wearing sneakers with a floor length bohemian dress. To say that I am going to be behind in my music classes is an understatement to say the least, and I really don’t have a clue what’s supposed to, much less going to happen tomorrow when I get to school... But the way I see it? They say my boots are up and coming, I was uber comfy roaming the bumpy streets, and didn’t trip when I stepped aside to evade being hit my the motos that run rampant. And I’m here to learn and grow, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. 
Tomorrow will bring what it will. As someone very wise who loves Maxims told me, “that’s what music is: ceasing to be a goal, and becoming a medium” Sorry, the translation is rough. 
I will get to the past few days in my new home as soon as I finish choosing which pictures to post, supplied by my beloved paparazzi, the marvelous Mr Roux himself. 

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