Thursday, September 9, 2010


Dear readers;
You guys have a problem. I figured out the other day how to check my blog stats, and as of the moment I started writing this, my blog has been viewed one THOUSAND times.
Some nights I wake up, and forget where I am, only seeing the blaring red numbers of an alarm clock. That's when I know I'm far from home, because I hate clocks. But come morning, I always know what's going on, that the numbers 630 in sequence means it's time to get out of bed, it's time to put on the clothes I always leave out the night before, time to go downstairs and eat chocolate flavoured cereal, and run back up to grab whatever I forget before we motor off. We get through the construction traffic of a new bridge that will be there until February, past the little village and up the winding detour that runs longer, but takes less time because there are no traffic jams. Into the city of Nice, Thierry drives past where he works and drops us off on a little cobblestone side street, and Aurélien and I walk together to the lycée.
Walk in the ancient building, see the clock-tower and seek out classmates. Proceed to classes. Break! Gummy time. Yes tiny little ballerinas, you are going to ingest calories too. Back to class. Buzzer means lunch, so we scurry to get in line. As of next week, were really going to have to book it, or else we'll be late to the Conservatory on Tuesdays to Thursdays. Those days, we drive home the same route, in the same car, at different times, and I can fill the gaps in between to walk along the streets, admire shops, and sculptures. Mondays and Fridays, I get done what I need to, and within reason, enjoy a little moment, before I pick a bus. My school is right across from the central bus station, and I'm starting to get my bearings.
I won't lie. You all know I'm nervous about my courses, and sometimes I cringe a little to practice because of how behind I am, I fear sounding silly, but the way I'm having to think it about it, is at least they'll know I'm diligent.
My first english class was today. Everyone swore to me I was going to hate it. They lied. She's wonderful! Who thought that I'd come across an Irish woman who's been living in France for 30 years? I'm only too happy to be in her class, and be excused from note taking :P Who knows? Maybe she will have me in with her older students to help out somedays, and I'm told there might be an english play!
My body is definitely not settled yet, getting up super early is hitting me pretty hard, and I wake up a lot of times through the night, but I'm always so tired it's easy to fall back asleep!
As far as mentally goes, I definitely still have to think a lot to put my words in french, especially after I've been quiet for a while, because the lyrics, or the thoughts are in english. Not a huge fan of my science class, and math is math, but my teacher is really good. She's very patient with my questions, and suggests different ways to practice memory work. So that's really helpful for someone who only works well with one side of her brain!
We did an analysis of a short story today in French, and I got the punch line right! Naturally, it's not actually called the punch line, but I can't translate it, so, sorry :P
I can't tell you how strange it is to think that you're just settling after lunch now, and by the time I'm getting ready for bed, you'll probably be setting your tables.
My friends have been asking if I'm not getting lonely. I have my music, just like I said I would, I have my pictures, just like I said I would, and I want you guys to know that when I'm trying to fall asleep at night, I go to sleep thinking of you just like I said I would. I think of you a lot. But I'm not lonely. Too busy for that! Besides, my Freddy is coming for me tomorrow! :) I'll be waking up to jazz again soon :)
I'm looking forward to being back in Chris kitchen, and see her patchworks. It's only when I write these that I realize how settled I actually am.
School is standard, choir is Wednesdays,  I already have an hour where my conservatory classes are, and I know how much work I have to do. I think it's just about putting the hours in to get it done now.
It rained here today. It's loud when the rain hits the tile roofs, and the whitewash deck.
I have my cell phone, with a super basic plan, a super tiny model, and I'm having to reteach myself to text, but there's something really solid about having that in hand. Don't worry, I'm well taken care of, Aurélien makes sure he has his arm out in front of me a little every time we cross the street. I don't think he even notices, but it makes me smile. And don't worry guys, he teases me almost as you all do combined! He joked to his friends yesterday at lunch when yet again, I didn't understand a remark, and they were all flabbergasted that I didn't make him stop teasing. He laughed and pointed out that most people just left when they didn't want to put up with him anymore, but I had to stick around :P
I miss my twin and my little bubby. But aside from that I'm good.
I love you guys :) I promise I'll get my act together and start posting pics again soon :P
And get a life :P I'm okay. Thanks for the thousand views silly back home people who I love to peices :)
I'm sure, I'll talk to you again soon.

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